The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting Studies Awarded Provincial Title

Release time:03-17,2021    views:

Recently, Hubei Provincial Department of Education has confirmed and publicized the list of Hubei's Excellent Higher Education Faculties and Higher Education Groups of the Year 2020, enlisting the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting Studies (FTI).

With Professor Ma Xiao as the Dean, FTI is a professional and international team devoted to both researches and teaching, and its members are a mixture of experienced pilots and energetic backbone teachers: Xiong Wei, Liu Junping, Fang Xing, Jiang Chengzhi, Liu Liqin, Wang Tao, He Bo, He Jiawei, Luo Jing, Hu Gang, Hu Ling, Qin Dan, Huang Min, and Huang Li.

Some other awards owned by FTI are: the President’s Award for Excellent Teaching Group, Marked Achievements for Higher Education Researches Award granted by the Ministry of Education (A General History of Western Translation Theory by Professor Liu Junping), The Advisor in My Mind Award solicited by students (Professor Liu Junping and Professor Ma Xiao).

(Correspondents: Jiang Chengzhi, Chen Lianping, and Wu Xiaohong, Translated by Tian Jia, Edited by Yu Shilong)



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